6 Month Oracle Mentoring Journey

For those of you interested in a deeper experience, I have created a 6-month journey of intuitive mentoring sessions activated by the cards. This is a unique opportunity to access a wealth of wisdom and teachings for an exceptional value.

Here are the details:

  • 6 month commitment at $131.25 per month inc tax ($787.50 total)
  • 30 min call via Zoom video conferencing, each one an in depth intuitive mentoring session activated by the cards
  • An action item for practicing new ways of being, connected to your personal intention
  • Access to me via brief email or messenger for additional guidance once per month

“...Whatever it is you are looking for guidance on they are sure to provide loving and grounded insight...”

Every reader is unique and therefore so is their style. I am no exception to this. My Spiritual BadAss energy shows up powerfully during these readings with a commitment to each one being grounded, clear and full of deeper understanding.

These are unique sessions that begin with a 3 card over-view draw in which you will immediately see with more clarity what it is that’s been stopping you or what there is to work through. We will then dive deeper into the areas that are most important to you, drawing additional cards as required. You will not only receive information but will also be given channelled guidance that you can take into your life to see real shifts!

As with any guidance, what you chose to do with the information is up to you. I do not future predict (usually) and if you aren't in any way spiritually connected I'm probably not the reader for you.

I complete with a silent meditation, opening the gateways to your higher consciousness, guides and angels. (This is done when our call is complete.)

  • Is there a relationship you’d like clarity around?
  • Are you wondering if a career move would provide more satisfaction?
  • Have you been experiencing anxiety or general unrest?

Or perhaps you’d simply like to tap into the messages and insights from higher self and the guides. Whatever it is you are looking for guidance on you will be provided loving and grounded insight.

For a single 20 minute reading, the cost is $84 Inc GST.

Do you have something that you just need a bit of clarity for? A single question that it would be helpful to receive a bit of guidance around? Book a 2 card email reading and I will draw 2 cards and send a voice recorded reading!

For a 2 card email reading, the cost is $21 Inc GST.

*For the email readings, please email me with the one area you are seeking guidance for. The more specific and detailed you are the powerful the reading. jill@jillprescott.ca*

All 20 minute and package readings are done via Video Conferencing or by Phone.