An Evening of Guided Meditation and Chanelled healing

We are all seeking. It may seem to be for abundance or health or the ultimate relationship. What is you are actually seeking is the well of knowledge within you that holds the key to all fulfillment in this life. You are seeking your inner Guru. You are seeking Love. This evening will begin the process, or for some, continue the process of this unlocking.

Jill Prescott will lead a meditation for the group that will lead you back to your true essence; a place of personal discovery and deep inner knowledge. Following the meditation she will assist each person in deciphering the messages and images that arise as well as she channels any additional information that may come through from her guides and yours.

As it is with all group gatherings, we learn and grow not only from our own meditation but from others as well. As each person shares, the group is encouraged to listen as if it were their own experience. We are all Oneness and therefore you will find much that resonates at a soul level in another’s sharing.

Whether you have a regular mediation practice or this is your first introduction to it, you will have the exact perfect experience in alignment with what your heart and soul are wanting.

And finally, remember that even when we do our soulful work, playfulness and joy are incredible healers, so you can expect there will be a few laughs along the way as well! (Also, miracles. Expect those too.)

This event is by contribution with a suggested minimum of $30.00 and I’m open to generosity!

Please be sure to bring a notebook and pen and perhaps a shawl or small blanket.

Reveal & Reclaim Intensive

I’ve lovingly crafted, just for you, the R&R intensive – a program dedicated to creating space for you to find your voice and speak your truth.We begin with the reveal and reclaim weekend. For two and a half days, you and three other women will share a weekend of meditation, processing, and uncovering. You'll discover your capacity to be with your entire life, authentically and in a community, seeing what's working and what's not working. Together, we’ll create a no-bullshit space to speak your truth, find your joy, and work your way towards deep inner healing. Full details here:

My Story Mondays

“Technology has caused us to be so disconnected, let’s find ways to reconnect with who we are through our stories. Stories which can define us, inspire us and bring us together to create connection and community.” - Winston Yeung

These live events are like no other! It's all about people telling their authentic stories of facing their fears, overcoming adversity, accomplishing achievements, and experiencing great adventures. People empowering people through storytelling. It's touching, entertaining, fascinating and most of all, you will experience connection on a new level.

What is a Kundalini Awakening anyway?

In 2012 my life was about to come apart at the seams. A perfect storm was brewing. After ignoring all the signs that making an about-face was absolutely necessary, I was on the brink of have my ass handed to me on a platter, leaving me with no option then take action that would change my life forever.

Diva Night (Connect Now)


Are you ready to make some meaningful connections with other authentic, heart-centred, like-minded business owners? Join us for some fun collaboration and celebration activities. 

  • Jill Prescott - TEDx Speaker and Spiritual Badass! Speaking on: "Light Up Your Intuition!" 

  • Jennifer Henczel - Majestic Mindset

  • Teri Holland - Journey to Prosperity Hypnosis

  • Barb Wallick - Chakradance® Fun!

  • Angela Feser - Yoga for Entrepreneurs

  • Lisa Forryan - Tarot Card reading table