“I’ve never told anyonethis...”

I hear this all too often and it breaks my heart every single time

Here’s the truth: you aren’t telling the truth. Not about your life, not about what you want and certainly not about your past, and it’s destroying you.

On the outside it appears you have it together but you’ve been walking around like a ticking time bomb for a while now. You’re holding in a whole bunch of upset and dissatisfaction. You feel irritated and pissed off a lot of the time, and you smile, nod and tell everyone you’re ‘fine’. Really what you are is scared and sad and you don’t know why. Maybe you even think it’s someone else's fault.

What you do know is that there are things you don't want to admit, about yourself and about your life. Perhaps there are things that you buried long ago, having told yourself it was all in the past and you should be over it by now. That voice in your head says things like “Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you??”

If you are like a lot of people, you've likely read self-help books or went to a counselor or on retreat or just assumed that with enough time, you would feel better. Whatever you've already tried has likely had a positive impact and yet, not really.

What you want:

  • to feel good in your life
  • to know contentment and peace
  • to stop talking shit to yourself
  • to start living with clarity and purpose
  • relationships that are authentic and loving
  • to really know what it means to love yourself

More than anything, you want to stop hiding and hurting and start truly living.

All of this is possible, and more. As a matter of fact, I would encourage you to begin to wonder just how much more. Right now, ask yourself what you want if you could have anything, keeping in mind there are no such things as money trees. 😉

Hi, I’m Jill Prescott, Spiritual BadAss. Welcome to my digital home. Over the past few years I’ve helped hundreds of people face their own trauma and bullshit to find healing and freedom.

Maybe you’re still unsure if you’re in the right place. (What the hell is a Spiritual BadAss anyway??) I get that. Pop over here to read more.