In a world of fake news be atruth-teller

We hide the truth from ourselves and others in so many ways. If you’re thinking “that’s not me, I never lie!” but...

  • You look like you have it all together, but inside you’re a ticking time bomb
  • You smile and use your polite voice when you feel pissed off
  • You doom-scroll social media to avoid feeling scared and sad
  • You numb or distract yourself with over-working, over-scheduling, over-eating, over-drinking

Then you may not be lying, but you are definitely covering up some uncomfortable truths. You don’t have to be hiding some big dark secret or even lie on purpose (though sometimes we are). You may just be trying to avoid pain. That’s human. It’s natural. But it’s not healthy. You can’t put a bandaid over a broken bone.

I offer the work I do to help you do what I struggled to do for the longest time: stop hiding and hurting, and start living.

Hi, I’m Jill Prescott

That’s the thing about truth - you can try ignoring it or numbing it, but until you deal with it, it keeps hurting. I tried everything you’ve probably tried, and I would make some progress, but eventually fell back into the same patterns and hit the same walls.

Most practices only soothe the symptoms, some only address the causes, but to create sustainable change, you need to blow your perspective wide open so there is no going back.

Only Truth can do that for you.

I developed processes to help you find your truth, take responsibility for your choices, uncover the stories and wounds keeping you stuck, take back your power — and hand over the baggage that isn’t yours to carry.

It’s not a quick fix. It’s a lifestyle change — and not everyone in your life will like it. Living in Truth is a revolutionary act, but you don’t have to start this revolution alone.

I’ve helped hundreds of people face their traumas and bullshit to find healing and freedom.

Here, you will find community with other truth-seekers, gentle guidance (with some swearing) and unwavering support as you allow the Truth to transform your life.