You are the creator of your life Love is the action!

How may I be of service?


We are surrounded by Infinite Universal Intelligence and one of my gifts is an ability to tap into those realms through the cards. Guidance, Clarity and Actionable Direction all come through with the Oracle Readings. Choose a single reading or a 6 Month Journey.


Ready for a Deep Dive? Come on a Guided Intuitive Journey with me, your Spiritual BadAss. Let’s explore all the ways you can let go of trauma, heartbreak and suffering and step into a life of Freedom. Click below to find out if this is for you.


Vancouver is the place to be and if you’re a local you’ll love the Table Sessions. Come to the table as you are and leave feeling calm, rested and ready for all that life throws at you. This is energy healing at another level!


This program, Life As Prayer, is the way that I know to help you discovery your own inner sanctuary. Rest. Restoration. Love. Community. These are some of what are available to you, along with a deepening relationship with Creator through this community.

UNLeash your own inner Badass!

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About Jill

Jill is a Spiritual BadAss, working her way through this life determined to celebrate the entire ride. She is a practitioner of Warrior Love, the kind of Love that changes the world.

She’s known for her ability to hear what’s being said beyond the words and, with compassion, showing you the truth you’ve been avoiding.

A highly respected Intuitive, Healer and Channel, she has spent lifetimes honing the skills she brings to her work today. The results clients achieve are “beyond what I ever could have imagined!”

Being vulnerable gave me freedom

We are a society of secret keepers; everything from addiction to masturbation, sexual assault and bullying and these secrets are killing us. They cause major health issues such as PTSD, heart disease, mental illness and can even lead to suicide. But there is a way through this trauma.

Jill shares how to release yourself from the burden of your secrets so that you can live in freedom. Our greatest life lessons are in our pain and when you tell the truth you open the door to learning your own strength and courage. Many people are seeking their life purpose and the place to look is in your trauma. Find your voice. Speak your truth. Free yourself to live your best life. Make vulnerability your superpower!


“She stirs s*** up. Throws herself out there to help others save themselves.Read this book. Start your journey ”
~ Barb Quinn

Meet some happy people!


When Jill's info came up on my Facebook feed I immediately felt like I should meet her, and I interpreted this quite literally like I had to meet her in person. It was my first time having a healing session and over the phone at that. I was a bit nervous! But as Jill read my 3 cards, I knew I was right where I was meant to be. I was connected.

Her guidance and intuition were what left me feeling incredibly healed. It's been 10 days and I'm still marvelling at how lucky I am to have met her.

Jill's session with me is going to be the catalyst for change, healing and self love in my life. I can feel it. I cannot wait to connect with Jill again after such a profound first session. She's a gift to this world!

- Anita Sharma

I have been connected with Jill for 2 months now and it started with an Evening of Meditation and Channelled Healing hosted by my girlfriend. I began working with her right away. I could feel that it was my time. I also joined one of her Soul Circles where I met 4 women I now consider my very close friends.

I call Jill my therapist, spiritual coach, cheerleader. She has guided me in ways no other professional has. My eyes are now open to a new way of life and I am so grateful and excited for what is waiting for me. She is loving, open but takes none of my bs. If you are ready to take your life to the next level she is your girl.

- Barb Quinn


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