She’s the Spiritual BadAss!

Hi, I'm Jill. Nice to meet you!


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found it easier to describe the amazingness of other people than to do that for myself. But that is what you’ve come to this page for: to discover if my amazingness might resonate with yours, so here we go!

I had always been a ball of energy and light with a wild side. My Mom used to say that I spent more time climbing trees and walking on my hands than on my feet when I was young. All of that changed the summer I turned nine.

1975 was the summer I first experienced bullying and sexual and emotional abuse.

Suddenly it wasn't safe to just be a kid. I shut down the vivacious little girl to protect myself, creating a way of being that ate away at my self-esteem. I began making decisions about my life from a place of fear and survival. I told no one what had gone on, believing my abusers when they threatened more violence and shaming if I did. Telling just didn't seem like an option. It would be 20 more years before I spoke a word about that summer.


And then…

At the age of 44, I would have been considered a success, at least from the outside. Inside, I was a mess and that started to show up in my health. I began to have memory problems to the point which I wouldn’t know where I was, 3 blocks from home. Eventually, it was discovered that I had brain lesions.

What I now recognize is that this was my wake up call. Without it, I would have continued to destroy myself. Instead, I turned inward and began to turn my light on again.


I had to heal the old wounds and find a way to turn it all into magic.

That’s when I left a 20+ year career in automotive finance. That work instilled in me many qualities that are imperative to the work I do today; communication, problem-solving and how to relate to a whole host of personalities with compassion and deep listening.

Upon leaving, I became certified as a CHt (Clinical Hypnotherapist) This opened the door to a whole other world for me, turning on powerful intuitive gifts that had lain dormant for many years. Although I no longer focus exclusively on hypnotherapy, I use the skills I gained through the training every single day. It's why my meditations are so impactful!

I went on to study psychology based therapies through Harmony Integration, took and then coached leadership programs, and picked up certifications in energy healing, speaking and workshop facilitation. All of this has added so much depth to my capacity to be of service to my clients.

I discovered I loved learning and that will never end.

This is when the magic began!

Since 2012, I have dedicated my life to helping other women release themselves from their past and find their way to healing and a more joyful life. I’ve also help hundreds tell the truth about what’s really gone on in their lives so they can find freedom.

With a combination of powerful inner work, energy healing and spiritual connection, clients make internal shifts that result in external success in all areas of life. I embrace a whole-istic approach, helping to bring body, mind, energy and soul into alignment, keeping it very real with the fact that we live here and now.

If it doesn’t make a difference in your day to day life, it just doesn’t make sense.

Working with me means being willing to go all in. I love to dance but not around the issues at hand and so I lead with a tremendous amount of love and the capacity to witness whatever is going on for you while simultaneously calling you out of any victim mentality and into a creative state of mind.

I am All IN!

Being a Spiritual BadAss means I’m willing to say the thing that no one else in your life is saying from a deep commitment to love and compassion.

I believe that you are 100% capable of shifting your life in ways that you can’t even imagine right now. Why? Because I’ve witnessed it over and over. We need each other, there’s not doubt about that.

PS: We also need really good chocolate and the occasional f-bomb. Both are good for the soul.

I’ve always loved getting to know the odds bits about people so here’s a few things about me:

  • DANCE PARTIES!! I arranged my office with a big open space in the middle just so I can shake my bootie throughout the work day.
  • If you ask, I will give it to you straight, no chaser but with a little sugar on the rim.
  • A couple years ago I dedicated my life to service as an expression of love of the Creator (sounds stranger than it is)
  • There are approximately 300-400 hundred books in our home and more in storage.
  • My sun sign is Leo, my rising sign is Sagittarius and I’m a Dog in Chinese zodiac. Every one of these are fire signs. Thank the holy beings I am a Capricorn moon earth sign so I don’t burn it ALL down ALL the time.
  • I stand less than 5 ft tall.
  • I’ve been baking sourdough bread for about 3 years now. The recipe is perfect so don’t ask me to add olives. You can spread your own tamponade on later.
  • I’ve lived in over 20 different homes, including 3 in South America.
  • I’ve written and published a book with the word Fuck in the title.
  • In 2017 I told my story on a TEDx stage in front of 2200 people.
  • I write poetry and prayers.
  • I’ll ask permission first, but if you say yes I’ll hug you ‘till our hearts start beating together.
  • When I turned 50, I got “To thine own self be true” tattooed on my left forearm along with my logo.
  • Growing up, I could bend over backwards and walk my hands back through my feet like a circus performer. I know you’re trying to picture this in your mind right now. Take a minute.

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