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Love Letter

There is no quick fix. There's not a list of 5 simple steps, or 29 days to or one magic pill that will _______. No one has all the answers, you can't hire someone and tell them to make things better and no amount of money will shorten your journey. It simply doesn't work that way. We are here to live life, fully. That means it gets messy and complicated and juicy and gross and and and... everything else you can possible think of plus a few more. On top of that, it's all up to you. Your journey, your story, your life. No one can do anything for or to you to change it. Only you can.

So, when you book a reading, come to a workshop, hear me speak or do any other work with me whatsoever, know that all I'm ever going to do is hold a mirror up to you so you can see how capable you are of being in this life. I'm going to bear witness to your emerging. I will stand like an ancient tree, rooted deep in the earth while you do this dance of life so that when you need to rest, you'll have a safe place to do so. I will pass on what I've learned and immerse you in all the wisdom that I have access to. I will not fix you. I will not heal you. I will not take away your pain.

Why? Because you need none of that from me.

You are all you need. I am here to show you that truth.


Jill is committed to guiding women through trauma to freedom with Love. She believes that each of us have all the answers within and helping people open the channels to accessing this inner wisdom is one of her specialties.

She shares a space with her beloved Chris Dube in New Westminster BC. You'll find them on FB, sharing insights and truths via video as well as co-leading events.

Jill lives her life seeking Love in all things. Her absolute conviction that we are all Divinity in the human form has her practice what she has coined Warrior Love and defines this as Love in action. When in conversation with her, you will find a level of compassion and respect that makes it easy to be exactly who you are in every moment. She sees the whole of you, beyond your stories and self-doubt and past your own limiting perceptions.

She has done much deep soul work to move through and heal her own personal traumas over her lifetime. In doing so, she has developed an understanding of the various levels and aspects that must be addressed in order to be fully released from the effects of these experiences. This has opened an ability within her to witness the depths of pain that many people must face and hold herself as the soul guide to walk them through the darkness and into the light.


“...She is a powerful stand for the evolution of humanity and will not hesitate to speak truth, cut through the bullshit and get straight to the heart of the matter, all with a liberal dose of Love...”

She is a powerful stand for the evolution of humanity and will not hesitate to speak truth, cut through the bullshit and get straight to the heart of the matter, all with a liberal dose of Love. She wears the title of BadAss well. Jill will lead you on your own personal revolution, helping you burn away the old and rise up, an absolute demand for your life, your way.

Jill has dedicated her life to be in service to the Creator and this is her strength. She has an unshakable knowing of who we are beyond our physical self.

“We are not human beings with a soul. We are a soul housed in a sacred temple we call a body.”

Jill is a speaker, workshop facilitator, published author, hypnotherapist, HI Coach, gifted intuitive and energy healer. Through one-on-one journeys, workshops and speaking, she works closely with Inter-dimensional guides and Light beings to channel multi-level healing and wisdom. Her medicine bag is filled with many lifetimes of experience and trainings.


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