Channeled wisdom Session

For when a bit of woo is what's needed works, even if you're just woo-curious. 😉

You've thought this thing through until your brain hurts. Meditation, a long walk on the beach, re-reading that book that had the answers last time...none of it is working. It's time for a seriously alternative solution.

Practical and magical:

the perfect combo!

You receive an energetic tune-up with a heavy dose of clarity and grounded wisdom. That is practical magic!

I've been channelling for a few years now and although it's not the only way I help people it's certainly one of the most popular. But don't expect my eyes to roll back in my head and my voice to change. None of that shit happens when I channel. I made that a part of the contract when I signed up for this.

What does happen is that I lead you into a calm state so that you and I can BOTH open to guidance. From there, I connect with your higher self and Spirit and then speak what comes through. Because I'm super practical and grounded, there's always an action to take so don't expect to just sit on your ass, un-engaged.

what you get

  • 30 Minutes of Channelled Wisdom
  • Guidance to come to a place of calm presence
  • Clarity
  • Practical action step
  • Recording of our call

Does this really work, Jill??

What clients share with me consistently is that they have a deeper understanding of what is need to move forward. They become aware of what is blocking them and why, making it possible to course-correct with actionable guidance.

So yes, it works.

What others have to say

Thank you so much for the session... it was exactly what I needed! Precise, profound wisdom complete with an energetic tune-up. I felt clear and relieved afterwards which was exactly what I required. Grateful for the divine space you hold!

-Elise Jené


I was struggling with aligning my energy and determining my needs at present. I feel more balanced, which has allowed me to have clarity about what is most important to me right now. I am left feeling immense inner peace. There are moments after our session where I feel so light, as if I am blissfully floating through my days. 

-Jennifer Gray

why i'm the right person for the job

Truth is, there are any number of different ways to access coaching, guidance and advice these days. Some of it's free, some require a larger investment and then some, like this offer, fall in between.

What you get with me during a Channelled Wisdom Session is unique, interesting and easeful. I am clear that anyone doing this work is not separate from it. Yes, I am listening to Spirit and as the information comes in it is filtered through my own experience and integrity. With integrity and truth being core values for me, you know what comes through is good, clean intel.


Jill, THE Spiritual Badass here.

I'm a very grounded and connected human that lives as if Spirit inhabits my bones.

During a very difficult time in my life, I discovered an ability to tune in to guidance and wisdom that quite frankly I didn't even know was a thing a person could do. At first, channelling was a bit overwhelming but over time I've learned to work with it to support myself and others.

I also use the various modalities I've trained in alongside a lifetime of trial-by-fire evolution to assist women through the shit-storms of life.

Deets: investment + booking

The cost is $78.75, tax inc for a 30-minute session. Once you click the link below you'll be directed to payment and then to my calendar to book your time with me.

*NOTE: Be sure to check your email once you have completed the payment. You MUST confirm your email in order to book your time.*



What does 'Channelled' mean? 

  • This is the term used for when a person taps into a source other than their own body of learned knowledge. For me, I believe I am accessing info from the Collective Consciousness and Spirit.

Do I need to be able to meditate or anything for this to work?

  • Nope. I will help you settle in so you get the most out of our time together.

Can you predict my future?

  • Probably, but I don't. There are too many variables and I don't mess with people's free will.

Am I allowed to ask a question? 

  • Yes, and these sessions do not give you yes/no answers. Think about it as an opportunity to receive really great life advice from the wisest person you know. (ie: your Great Aunt Shirley)

Do I need to take notes?

  • Notes are an unnecessary distraction. I'll be sending you the recording of your call and you can keep it for-eva!