Life As Prayer

does any of this sound familiar?


  • You've heard that having a weekly practice can help but who has time for that??
  • Your mind is full of things to do and thoughts that aren’t serving you.
  • You feel irritated by the word prayer.
  • You love the idea of prayer and just don't know how to do it.
  • You'd like to find a way to feel more peaceful and less stressed and anxious.
  • You think prayer isn't for you.
  • You think most spirituality sounds like bullshit.
  • You've forgotten how to take time for yourself.


you are not alone

This life we live in, in all its busyness, turmoil and challenge can become too much at times and we forget to take care of ourselves. We forget that beyond all the noise there is a quiet place that we can go to heal and find ourselves once again.

Life As Prayer is a refuge steeped in Love and play.  A place that holds the intention of offering connection and soul-soothing rest. A place where you can show up exactly as you are, even when the way you are is fucking messy.

Each week you'll receive a written prayer and a recorded meditation. Think of these as part of your tool kit. Pull these out when you need a break, to be inspired, to be uplifted or to be reminded of who you really are.

Imagine 1000's of people around the world all listening to a poetic prayer every Sunday and then listening again as they speak it out loud.

Consider the vibrational impact that will have.

Now imagine that the intention is to support our planet and all of the beings that reside here. An intention to be a part of our collective healing as a way to serve.

That is what Life As Prayer is about. First, as a service to you and then as a service to the collective.


It's taken me many years to discover this truth for myself. Many hours of crying on the floor. Many of hours of denying who I was and what my heart longed for. Many years of looking outside myself to fill the gap. Prayer was one of the ways I was able to return to myself.

praying CAN BE FUN!

and the word fuck can be sacred

Life As Prayer includes:

  • Weekly written prayers delivered to you every Sunday via email
  • A recording of each prayer to listen to at your convenience
  • Online gathering place through Zoom to connect with and share your experiences
  • An invitation to submit your own written prayers for consideration
  • A loving community of like-minded people curious about exploring what spirituality means to them
  • And a few surprises along the way…


You know the ones when you asked God to help you get an A+ on an exam or make your little sister disappear. And while there is nothing wrong with the way you may have prayed as a child, Life As Prayer will ultimately change the way you view this practice.

  • You'll experience rest and restoration.
  • Your understanding of Love will change.
  • You will become part of a community.
  • You will discover more joy.
  • Your heart will expand.

Imagine what you'll uncover.

What others have to say:

Jill has a beautiful gift of creating a space of unconditional love in community. My spiritual gifts and intuition have been strengthened and I feel inspired and empowered to go out and make more of an impact with my own work.  I'm also in awe of how Jill does all of her work with her heart on her sleeve - completely open and transparent for the purpose of humanity.  She's a beacon. - Danielle Hahn

Jill is real and raw. She has been a continuous space of safety and support. The leadership Jill brings is one that I want to emulate and teach in my role as a coach and healer. I am forever grateful to be in the same room with her, online or in person. - Keri-Anne Livingston


Well, that's one of the magical things about Life As Prayer. You have options.

Maybe you listen to the recorded version on Sunday when you receive it as a short meditation and then write it on your mirror for the week.

Or you could listen to it every day that week as a prayer practice, keeping your thoughts and shifts in a journal.

You could store up a month's worth and listen to them all at once or save them for vacation.

Or you listen to each week's prayer on a day that feels good to you and then look forward to the next one.

My suggestion is to first listen a few times for your own heart and then speak it out loud as a gift to the planet and the rest of the humans living on it.

If you run into a stumbling block hit 'reply' on the email and let me know what you're dealing with.

Registration and cost:

Registration will start you on a monthly payment plan that will continue until such time you choose to end it. The cost is $21.00 CAD per month. You will be responsible for how long you remain involved.

Do it for yourself. Discover what is possible for you with a Life As Prayer.

*NOTE: Be sure to check your email once you have completed the payment set up. You MUST confirm your email in order to receive the weekly prayers. The confirmation email will come after payment is set up.* 

  • Price: $ 21.00 CAD


*NEW ADDITION! We now also have a secret FB community to stay connected.*

-Each Sunday you will receive via email a voice recorded and written version of the prayer. Sometimes, there will also be a video with juicy tidbits, thoughts or questions for consideration.

-Most of the prayers will be written by me, Jill. Sometimes they'll be someone else's. Do you write? Feel free to submit one of yours for consideration and if chosen, you receive full writing credit as well as the sharing of a link to find your website.

-There are five virtual gatherings via Zoom video conferencing for further discourse and to share experiences. You're invited to bring your challenges and your celebrations to these calls.

*Virtual Gathering Dates: Jan 20th, April 21st, July 21st, Oct 20th, Dec 22nd. All calls take place at 10:00 AM Pacific. Video conferencing details will be sent a few days in advance of the gatherings. Mark your calendar!


Jill Prescott has worked with hundreds of women since she began this journey as a Spiritual BadAss in 2012, helping them tell the truth about what’s really gone on in their lives so they can find freedom.

Jill uses the various modalities she’s studied such as Clinical Hypnotherapy, HR Processing, Energy Healing, and  Leadership/Communication courses.

She’s is also a highly skilled intuitive living on the west coast of Canada. Her 20 years as a Business Manager in the auto industry gave Jill the ability to work with many different situations and personalities with compassion and strength.

Her departure from this career came on the heels of a medical challenge that made it clear it was time to deal with the trauma she had experienced in childhood, leading her down a path of spiritual exploration and healing.

Jill believes that when women remember their true selves on the other side of the struggle, they become unstoppable forces of love in the world. We need that. PS: We also need really good chocolate.

A few notes to keep in mind:

  • This is an open community of human beings from all walks of life and beliefs. Whether you pray to God, Creator, The Universe, Allah, Buddha, Mother Earth or any other being, you are welcome here.
  • Love is the energy behind all that is created and offered.
  • How you relate to this work and what you get from it is up to you so be responsible for yourself in all ways.
  • Each of us has arrived here from our individual experience. Every journey is honored.
  • There is an invitation to remain open to each prayer and what it may bring to you. If the word God, or Creator or anything else triggers you, find one the works or simply decide to be ok with it.