A showcase of my clients, because it’s good to celebrate all the Love!


I can’t imagine where I would be today without the work I did with Jill. I was so lost, without a voice and no direction. Even though from the outside my life looked great, I was in so much emotional pain with no idea what it meant to have and hold healthy boundaries.

From the very first time we spoke I felt safe and dove right in, first attending her retreat and then continuing one-on-one and in circle. It’s been the greatest work I’ve done, allowing me to reclaim myself in ways I truly did not know were possible. Jill see what’s possible long before you do and holds such impeccable space, inviting you through all the pain and trauma until you see and embrace it all for yourself.

She’s an absolute gift and I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to work with her and to continue to work with her.

-Carmen Smith


If there is any little voice inside of you saying, “this is for me, I need this”, please listen to it!

Don’t let fear, self-doubt or the influence of others persuade you otherwise. Please choose this for yourself, and as you do the work a world that you could have only imagined will begin to appear before your eyes.

-Natasha Martynes

Stephanie Kennedy

When I met Jill, it felt like nothing in my life was working. Not my job, my marriage or any other relationships. I was riddled with trauma and holding on to a secret that was destroying me.

From the very beginning, l I felt a deep connection to her and couldn't wait to begin my one on one sessions. I had no idea how from the very first session she would assist in changing my reality forever.

Through a simple suggestion to shift perspective I was able to work through and release 12 years worth of Anger, Pain & Fear.

Through working with her I have gotten more than I could have ever hoped and it's been worth every penny. I am truly grateful to Jill for assisting me in changing my life.

I am forever a changed heart, open, light and free. I'm a truth-teller and I share my story to help others heal. Our work together has allowed me to reach out and help others. Today, I am deeply in love with my husband, in a career that inspires me and I have developed profound friendships. I am so grateful!

- Stephanie Kennedy

Jill Prescott has the impeccable ability to create and hold space for women’s circles.  A space where each person is held in trust while truth is explored and expressed.

The journey is both collective, individual and personal in a supportive and nurturing container.  I emerged in the knowingness I am aligned and fulfilled.

Thank you for your presence, Jill.

-Jennifer Gray

Jen Gray

Working with Jill is an amazing and life-altering experience. Every single time I work with Jill I see life in a new way and leave with new actions to take. Every time I come back I think “I don’t know what else I can get. It can’t be as good as last time.”

And then she creates this safe space and gives room to all those thoughts and we uncover something else that gives me a new freedom in my life!

- Jenoah Esquiro