A showcase of my clients, because it’s good to celebrate all the Love!


When Jill's info came up on my Facebook feed I immediately felt like I should meet her, and I interpreted this quite literally like I had to meet her in person. It was my first time having a healing session and over the phone at that. I was a bit nervous! But as Jill read my 3 cards, I knew I was right where I was meant to be. I was connected.

Her guidance and intuition were what left me feeling incredibly healed. It's been 10 days and I'm still marvelling at how lucky I am to have met her.

Jill's session with me is going to be the catalyst for change, healing and self love in my life. I can feel it. I cannot wait to connect with Jill again after such a profound first session. She's a gift to this world!

- Anita Sharma

I have been connected with Jill for 2 months now and it started with an Evening of Meditation and Channelled Healing hosted by my girlfriend. I began working with her right away. I could feel that it was my time. I also joined one of her Soul Circles where I met 4 women I now consider my very close friends.

I call Jill my therapist, spiritual coach, cheerleader. She has guided me in ways no other professional has. My eyes are now open to a new way of life and I am so grateful and excited for what is waiting for me. She is loving, open but takes none of my bs. If you are ready to take your life to the next level she is your girl.

- Barb Quinn


From the moment I met Jill I felt a deep connection to her and couldn't wait to begin my one on one sessions.

I had no idea how with merely one visit she would assist in changing my reality forever.

Through a simple suggestion to shift perspective I was able to work through and release 12 years worth of Anger, Pain & Fear.

After one session I had gotten more than I could have ever hoped and worth every penny.
I am truly grateful to Jill for assisting me in changing my life. I am forever a changed heart, open, light and free.

- Stephanie Kennedy

Jill Prescott is a loving and gifted healer, and I had the blessing to receive one of her Table Sessions recently.

It was amazing how she instinctively found key points where I have experienced constriction, blocks and soreness in my body, due to long held patterns - without telling her beforehand where these places were. As Jill focused energy into those areas, I felt a sensation of circuits being activated within my system, and a release in the constrictions.

In addition to this, Jill passed along intuitive messages in connection to the release that was occurring, and I felt like she was speaking directly to my soul. This communication sparked inner awareness of my patterns, and at the end of the session I was relaxed, a profound feeling of my heart wide open, and re-aligned with my essence.

- Jill Boadway


Working with Jill is an amazing and life altering experience. Every single time I work with Jill I see life in a new way and leave with new actions to take. Every time I come back I think “I don’t know what else I can get. It can’t be as good as last time.” And then she creates this safe space and gives room to all those thoughts and we uncover something else that gives me a new freedom in my life!

- Jenoah Esquiro