Are you ready to meet your GORGEOUS SELF? SHE’S READY TO MEET You!

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3-month-personal journey

Ready for a Deep Dive? Come on a Guided Intuitive Journey with me, your Spiritual BadAss. Let’s explore all the ways you can let go of trauma, heartbreak and suffering and step into a life of Freedom. Click below to find out if this is for you.


Vancouver is the place to be and if you’re a local you’ll love the Table Sessions. Come to the table as you are and leave feeling calm, rested and ready for all that life throws at you. This is energy healing at another level!


This program, Life As Prayer, is the way that I know to help you discovery your own inner sanctuary. Rest. Restoration. Love. Community. These are some of what are available to you, along with a deepening relationship with Creator through this community.