“I will sing praises of her to anyone. A miracle happened in my lifefrom working with jill.”~ Laura Carlgren

When we decide to work together One-on-One, we take on the issues that you’ve been trying to resolve on your own. Perhaps you’ve noticed your hearts call to awakening. It sounds like dissatisfaction, unrest and upset. I can also sound like a craving for something you simply can’t name. Sometimes, it becomes clear that now is the time to deal with old trauma or relationships that feel broken. Maybe you’ve scratched the surface of what’s really going on but you just know there’s way more to it that. We dig deep, bringing to light the underlying negative conversations you’ve been having with yourself and creating a brand new conversation that supports positive actions.


Some of the ways to know it’s time to get in touch:

  • You’re not getting enough or proper sleep. A good night sleep is imperative for your mental, emotional and physical health.
  • You find yourself running from one thing to the next, feeling like you’re always trying to catch up.
  • Getting you angry or upset takes about 36 seconds.
  • Patience is a virtue and somehow you’ve lost your virtue.
  • That voice in your head just won’t SHUT UP!
  • You know that your past is still impacting you.
  • Your relationships are suffering.
  • You swear at other drivers. A lot.
  • You find yourself asking “what’s wrong with me?”
  • You question the meaning of life and your purpose in it.
  • The words Stress, Anxiety and maybe even Fear are a regular part of your vocabulary.
  • Your doctor/massage therapist/chiropractor is the first number on your speed dial. Aches, pains, and headaches are just a part of your everyday life.
  • You are ready to move beyond your current state of mind and/or wellbeing.

Within you are all the answers to any of the challenges in your life; it’s a matter of learning to listen to your heart, your higher self and getting into action from there. No action, no change. This is called a journey because that’s what it takes. You will be challenged and encouraged to go beyond what is comfortable, pushing past your self-imposed boundaries so that you expand beyond your current reality. I will be right beside you throughout this process and you can count on being supported, loved and honored. I will be the witness to your evolution.

Each package is customized to be of highest service with where you're at right now and where you desire to be. My tool box is deep and full and I'll use whatever is called for to support your evolution. Meditation, Silent Healing, Intuitive Mentoring and Healing, Channeling, Harmony Integration Processing and Spiritual Guidance.

Today is the day.

*Please note, the reason there are no prices listed and you can not book right from here is simple: these are custom packages. In order to determine A) if you and are a good fit and B) if I'm the guide for you, a conversation is required. Book a Soul Activation call. That's the first step.



Beautiful Soul,
Is Guided Personal Journey
calling you?

Then, I invite you to

Act Now

I'm here, ready to listen.

It's time to take an action in alignment with what you're asking for.

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“...Within you are all the answers to any of the challenges in your life; it’s a matter of learning to listen to your heart, yourhigher self and getting into action from there...”

We will begin with what’s going on in your life right now, on the court. I’ll be asking you to share with me your biggest concern or upset as this is your access to the underlying pain and suffering. From there, I will guide you using the modality that will best resolve the issue, creating deep and lasting results. You will leave feeling freed up with access to new understandings as well as simple take-home practices that will reinforce the positive changes you make during our time together.

The magic happens when you bring your new actions and insights into your every day life. If you hit a roadblock between sessions I’m available via email anytime and for short calls as well. Get in touch to celebrate a win or to work through a stuck spot quickly with ease and grace.

You did not sign up to do this life on your own. We all need guidance and it would be my honour to be your Soul Sherpa time in this time.

Let’s talk and see if I’m the perfect Spiritual BadAss to lead you.