What if everything you think is wrong with your life is actually where the Magic lives?

Time and time again, I see women who think if things change outside them, the rest of their lives  will fall into place.

If they just drop their job for a shiny new career. If they just get that divorce. If everyone else in their lives just straightens the fuck up. If they just finish the book, take the class, get the certificate.

And don’t get me wrong, sometimes those things are necessary.

But let me let you in on a little somethin’.

You don’t have to blow up your life to experience deep healing.

Welcome to

The R&R Intensive


Stick with me for a sec - because I know that right now, your painful past may very well have you convinced that you are stuck where you’re at without a way out.

But it’s just not true.

Under the tough skin you’ve developed to protect yourself from further trauma, is the clarity, healing, and happiness you seek.

The mess has to be REVEALED.

No accomplishment will help you build loving, trusting bonds with other women. No class will magically make your relationships strong. Nothing will make you feel good about yourself, except your own messy, deep, beautiful self-work.

This is when you RECLAIM your own heart, your life, your truth.

And I will hold space like nobody’s damn business for you to do just that.


I am stronger after attending this weekend, and grateful for the follow up to continue this amazing growth. I am also grateful for the other women as we all had contributions. Now, I am capable of loving myself and other.

- Michele Miller

Please do it! If you feel like you're falling into a hole in any aspect of your life, and want to make a major shift with excellent guidance along the way.... then please...do it!!

- Natasha Martynes

I'm Jill — and I know what it's like to feel deep clarity is just out of reach

I did the deep soul work that got me to a place of love and self acceptance, and I have crafted a space to hold you while you do the same.

It hasn’t been and easy journey, either. It took a medical emergency before I left my 20 year career as an Auto Finance Manager. I was destroying my health, my soul and my heart. And…

I was denying my feminine, intuitive gifts in order to survive in a world that values masculinity.


Because it kept me safe.

It kept me from having to truly dive deep and reveal my trauma.

Because believe me, looking at your own hurts, your own trauma, your own pain, it takes a hell of a lot of courage and strength. And when I took that deep dive?

Something broke loose.

I started to realize my intuitive gifts, I had different conversations around the divine I never felt able to before. I became dedicated to my own healing and began to reclaim my life.

And I know you have the capacity to do the same.

Which is why I’ve lovingly crafted, just for you, The R&R Intensive -- A program dedicated to creating space for you to find your voice and speak your truth.

We begin with the Reveal and Reclaim Weekend September 21st. For two and a half days, you and three other women will share a weekend of meditation, processing, and uncovering. Yes, this is an intimate group of 4 women. You'll discover your capacity to be with your entire life, authentically and in a community, seeing what's working and what's not working. Together, we’ll create a no-bullshit space to speak your truth, find your joy, and work your way towards deep inner healing.

Benefits include:

  • Accommodations at the retreat (Vancouver area)
  • Transportation from the airport
  • Two and half days of beautiful soul work led by an authentic Spiritual BadAss (Me!)
  • Full Oracle Readings for each guest
  • Guest facilitators throughout the weekend (Eg: yoga to close the day)
  • Six virtual group video conferencing calls and one one-on-one call (mandatory)
  • A secret Facebook group
  • Authentic bonding and brilliant connections with other women focused on expansion, truth, and deep soul-work.
  • A call with me before you arrive so that I am clear on your preferences and needs.
  • Lovely surprises that will delight you.

I wouldn't change anything.  I truly felt that it went exactly as I needed it to in order for me to find the courage within to be vulnerable, open and exposed and to work through the discomfort to get on the other side of it. It was more than worth the investment. Through this process it enabled me to feel light, relaxed, warm, content, peaceful, hopeful, connected, balanced, creative, curious,  love, kindness, comfort, awakening,  and very importantly accepted and no longer afraid.

- Carmen Smith

I was stuck and lost for so many years, asking myself ‘who am I?’ I’d read too many books, spoke to too many people, hoping and praying they would help me. Then I found Jill. She didn’t need to tell me who I am. She did something far greater; she led me to find myself. In a group Jill is so in tune with everyone individually as well as a whole. I will sing her praises to anyone that will listen.

- Laura Emm

What can you expect

Retreats tend to be limiting in that they adhere to a very specific schedule, but the reality of these intensives is that the work is being done the entire time. Every time we sit down together to eat.  Every time we meditate. Every exercise we work through, we are in this together.

My promise to you is that I won’t restrict which modalities we use to gain access to what we need to. As we journal, meditate, and much more, the exercises chosen will be adapted to course participants.

And the best part is, even though we are working all weekend long, you will feel so clear energetically while we create this experience together that much of it won’t feel like work at all.

The promise of the R&R Intensive is that when you show and do the work, you will awaken your voice and remember you are the source of all power in your life. You will re-connect with your natural intuition and become so in tune with your heart that you are un-fuckablewith.

You will know yourself as part of a vast source of Love and connection from which you will draw your strength. Your stories of pain will become the fuel that drives your personal evolution, bringing forth trueness, love and a deep knowing of your purpose.
Previous intensives have included:

  • Guest yoga teachers
  • A singing bowl meditation
  • Mother Earth connection and grounding

As you can see, this experience is as much guided by what comes up and what you need as unique individuals, as it is by my own expertise and intuition

You’re interested, but not sure if it’s right for you.

I get it, and there’s space for that. From my experience, the healing self-work done in groups is some of the most potent, powerful work you’ll do. The investment is a match for the powerful healing, truth speaking, and space of connection that will begin here, if you let it. This will change you. If you’re ready to step from self-loathing and confusion into personal power, then this is for you. But how do you know? We talk.

I love that (Jill is) to the point and there is no bullshit. Refreshing 🙂 (Jill has) a way of helping sift through doubtful thoughts and barriers and help see what I already know, but would not allow myself. It's all guidance, and not an ounce of preaching.The fear is gone. The spark is lit. There’s gonna be a bonfire!

- Natasha Martynes

It was an absolute honor to be led by Jill.  She is a true gift to anyone who is lucky enough to work with her.  She is so generous with her love and genuine passion to hold space for those who are open and willing. I am deeply grateful to her and feel forever changed by her work.

- Carmen Smith

Connecting with other women, I realized that my issues are shared by many. My pain is not unique or shameful.I have shielded myself from other women, creating separation. Opening myself up cleared my heart to love myself and others.

- Michele Miller

What are you waiting for?

You're attracted to this, it makes your heart beat faster, you're ALMOST ready to say yes and you have questions. Guess what? I also have questions. It's vital that we are both clear on your commitment and preparedness for this program. If this isn't the right one for you, perhaps there's a different route that is. Book a 15 min call. If it turns out I can help with what hurts, we'll grab another, longer, time slot and get perfectly clear.

We begin September 21st

This is what's happened so far for some of the women that have already participated:

  • found her true calling and has her first paid client
  • moved through her fear of connection and started her own sisters' circle
  • made changes to her business that have created massive room for growth
  • become so powerful with boundaries that she has forever altered her relationships

Those are just a few of the results, and none of them were expected when they said yes to doing this work. And every single woman has stated clearly that this has been worth every penny of their investment and then some. "This weekend has been invaluable!" and that was before the followup sessions.


Time to get down to brass tacks:

  • We begin with the weekend retreat September 21st , 2018
  • Cost is $3000 pl tax
  • Payment plans available individually
  • All virtual follow-up sessions are mandatory (6 group and 1 private pre-retreat over 3 months)
  • Access to the secret Facebook group remains available as long as it's in existence
  • I am available via email for personal guidance for 3 months following the weekend

Jill Prescott is a spiritual badass. That means she helps me own that I am the source of my own divine power. She gives me access to love and light in a way that I can’t unknow, and that is priceless.

- Sandi Amorim


  • You are 100% responsible for showing up fully, and doing the work. No work, no change. 
  • Each retreat requires the participation of 4 women. In the event that you register and that particular date does not fill, you will be given the option of another day.
  • Once you commit and payment is in process, you are committed to the program and I will hold you to that. Therefore, there will be no refunds given.