YOU'RE SICK OF the shit-storm & ready for empowered clarity now!

You are ready to stop ignoring the signs, whether subtle or in your face, that something needs to change if you’re going to find some sense of freedom.

You’re done with being stuck and struggling and you’ve run out of ideas on how to move from the sinking muck to the sandy shore.

You’re tired of wasting your time and want to understand what’s really going on, clear the blocks, learn the lesson and move on!

But right now, you can’t see a clear path through.


"It's like she unearths and unlocks something to present you with exactly what you need to know NOW."  - Andrea Hill 

Asking for help is evidence of your strength and wisdom.

This session is designed for:


Women that are ready and willing to dive in with me to resolve the issue with the least amount of pain and the most effective processes. You are committed to feeling better and willing to give up the suffering.

You understand that in the end, YOU are the only one responsible for how this goes. 

You're down for going all in, even if it means you'll shed some tears and have to get real about just how capable you are. I'm going to ask you to tell the truth. That is a given. 

When life throws you a curve ball as it inevitably will, I’m your person.

As someone that understands we need each other and that the path is never straight, I am the safe place to lay down whatever is taking you out.

I will listen deeply not only to you say but to what you’re not saying as well.

I will shine a light on that which you cannot see and walk you through the perfect process to take you from struggle to freedom with a whole lotta love thrown in.

In case you're new around here, you'll find more info about me HERE.


"The work I have done with Jill has been profound. Boundaries, relationships and trusting myself were at the forefront of our coaching sessions. I'm so grateful to this Spiritual BadAss. Jill is the real deal!" - Paige Royal


“I don’t know what my life would look like had I not worked with Jill and I don’t want to know either! I am incredibly grateful for her and for the soul connections I’ve made since working with her.” - Kandace Goldstone


“Working with you has been extraordinary and the changes I’m experiencing are remarkable. Truly mind-blowing and more powerful than I ever imagined!" - Marisa Newton

Single Session Includes:

  • pre-call questionnaire so that we can both get clear on what you're dealing with
  • 60 minute video call
  • ongoing support via email for 1 week
  • recording of any visualization or meditation work we do on the call
  • my undivided attention and commitment to your healing

Investment: $295 pl tax

During our time together, you will receive the processes that will best serve your needs. This may include but is not limited to energy healing, conversational clearing, HI processing, intuitive guidance, meditation. And love. There's always plenty of love.

Before our call, I will drop into my intuitive place, connect with your higher self and begin the energetic work that will most deeply support our time together.

Here’s what I know; it takes courage to walk through the fear that may be standing in the way of taking this next step and saying YES to stepping into more of who you are and what you truly want.

Letting go of old beliefs, trusting, taking responsibility for yourself and changing perspective is downright fucking hard, especially when you're right in the middle of the shit, and it’s the path that you’re being called to take.

I am a Spiritual BadAss. That means that I will walk right into the middle of the fire you’re in, carrying buckets of water and carving a path for you to walk out. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Your next steps:

Live in Canada? Pay HERE 

Live anywhere else in the world? Pay HERE 

Once payment is complete, you'll be directed to the booking page to choose the best time and date for our session. MAKE SURE YOU WAIT TO BE RE-DIRECTED TO BOOK YOUR TIME!

At that time, you will be asked to answer a few questions. Please give me as much detail as you can so that our time together is focused and of the greatest service. When you’ve booked, please be sure you have your time in your calendar.

Perhaps you still have a question or two. I encourage you to reach out via email:

PS: If you're just not sure or just not ready, I did a talk not long ago that you may find helpful. You can watch that here: Telling The Truth