The Circle of Truth Retreat

a sacred live event for women

March 23rd to 27th, 2020 - Sunshine Coast, BC

give yourself

the gift of your truth…


so you can finally start experiencing the freedom, joy and love you crave.


THE permission to embrace

all of who you are…


So you are truly available for the connection you and your loved ones desire


Maybe you’re exhausted from the relentless day to day responsibilities of life and are ready to be nourished and cared for from soul to toe.

Or maybe it’s that subtle… only detectable when still… feeling in your heart; an unspoken whisper in your ear that there’s something being called to be seen and heard.

You know that if you just had the sacred space to pause long enough and the guidance to journey inwards… your world would open to an entirely new understanding of what’s possible.



From the time you step onto the land of the Sunshine Coast Monday afternoon until you head out on Friday morning, you’re invited to be fully, completely, authentically you. Ask for what you need, participate or rest as you desire. Courageously show up as you for you.

Over the course of five days, Monday evening until Friday morning, we will gather together in daily meditation, group conversations and one-on-one time.

You will have opportunities to get to know each other as you work in pairs or small groups. There will be plenty of room for rest and restoration along with dance parties and beach walks.


*Thank you Charlene, for sharing your experience in this video.*

You’ll leave rested and rejuvenated with a clear sense of the shifts you need to make to live more fully in your life.

You’ll leave a better parent, partner, sibling, and friend.

You’ll leave wholeheartedly, boldly YOU.


“I don’t know what my life would look like had I not gone to the retreat and worked with Jill and I don’t want to know either!” - Kandace Goldston


"Jill Prescott has the impeccable ability to create and hold space for women’s circles.  A space where each person is held in trust while truth is explored and expressed." - Jennifer Gray


"Working with you has been extraordinary and the changes I’m experiencing are remarkable. Truly mind-blowing and more powerful than I ever imagined." - Marisa Newton

“The circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we’re weak, and sing with us when we are strong.”


My name is Jill Prescott and I’m a Spiritual BadAss

I'm a Truth Teller and warrior of Love that stands firm in the belief that we humans are the only thing in the way of our own amazing lives. We don't do the work so that nothing shitty ever happens. We do the work so that we can handle those things with grace and trueness.

I've been through the proverbial fire, having experienced trauma in many forms. Sexual, and emotional assault, feeling completely lost and alone and involved in unhealthy relationships with people, work and money are all a part of my story. Truth Telling is what brought me home to me. Want to know more? You can read all the bits here.

I am loyal and I am funny as fuck. I can only recognize about 4 crystals. I call a thing a thing and still enjoy a glass of bubbles on occasion. I make an incredible loaf of sourdough bread from scratch and clearly, I like to swear. I hold space for the Divine to move through me. I know prayer to be my greatest form of medicine - both in the receiving and the giving.

I am here to walk with you as you find your own way through life's challenges and back to your own deep wisdom.


I don’t mess around when it comes to telling the truth and I do so with love, compassion, and curiosity.

You won’t find me using words like tribe, or goddess, but you will find me driving a sports car singing 90s R&B at the top of my lungs. I have dedicated myself to creating spaces in which women can show up in their fullness, their pain, their trauma, and their joy.

I’m here for all of it. I’m here for you.

Our gorgeous retreat space is located on the stunning Sunshine Coast only a 40-minute ferry ride from Vancouver.

This luxurious water view home offers the perfect place in which to retreat and rest.

The home features sweeping ocean views,  comfy chairs to curl up in, an amazing fireplace, privacy, beautiful bedrooms and a spectacular kitchen to gather and share food in.

There are many additional touches for your comfort such as heated floors and high-end bed linens.

Untitled design

Your retreat includes:

 What you’ll experience

  • Daily meditation to ground you into the truth of who you are
  • Group work to connect and witness each other
  • Unlimited one on one time with me to dig into anything that arises and support you as needed
  • Fire ceremony to release and let go of all that shit keeping you from your truth
  • Time in nature to breathe in the delicious temperate air
  • The practice of Yoga Nidra to support integration and ease
  • Free time for rest and restoration
  • A few delightful surprises!


  • Three meals a day prepared by our personal chef to nourish and fuel the work we’ll do together (and yes, we can accommodate your dietary preferences and restrictions)
  • Three-course dinner celebration on our final evening
  • All the beverages, snacks and treats you crave at home


  • A private bedroom all to yourself to rest, read, and sleep-in in a luxury home
  • Incredible views
  • A short walk to the beach

Transportation and additional love

  • All transportation to/from Langdale Ferry Terminal
  • Access to an onsite assistant to tend to your needs (Craving your favourite snack? My side-kick will make sure it’s available!)
  • Surprises and gifts that I’ve been creating and collecting just for you
  • Two group follow-up calls after the retreat to support your integration and any questions that may arise

There are 6 guest bedrooms, each with their own charm and special touches.

Once you have given your deposit you will get to choose from the ones left available.

Early registration means you have more choice!

Only 3 Spaces Remain...

Cost varies between $2200 - $2500, depending on the room chosen.

Before registration, you and I will have a quick chat to determine if this is there perfect retreat for you and to make your room selection. We will also set up the right payment plan at that time.


Your next step is to:

MarchRetreat 1600x1067

Step away and come back home to yourself. Be witnessed by other women walking alongside you.

Carve out the time you so richly need and deserve.

You are welcome here. You are needed here. The Circle is calling you, step in.




“After years of feeling misunderstood, through Jill I realized my life was the not the series of mistakes I thought it was and I went from pain to honouring my path and falling in love with myself. It’s like I won the lottery and I’m deeply grateful for her work.” - Colleen Shanks

“I’d worked with therapist and counsellors trying to heal from rape at 19 and no one had figured out how to crack the code until I worked with Jill. I am legitimately a different person because of her. I feel a level of joy and happiness every single day that I never knew was possible.” - Stephanie Kennedy

“I was super lost when we met and Jill is the first teacher I’ve come across that didn’t just give me all the answers. She made it safe to be vulnerable. She held space for me to own my own growth. She is the embodiment of wisdom and mirrored my own back to me.” - Keri-Anne Livingston

“I was desperate when I met Jill. I’d created my own hell and getting out of it was messy and hard. She was there with me every step of the way through and on the other side is so much joy and gratitude and love. The women I attend the retreat with are my sisters; my family. I feel so blessed. I am not alone.” - Natasha Martynes

"From the first call, I felt safe. Saying yes to the retreat was the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself. I can't even begin to imagine where I might be today without the work I did with Jill." - Carmen Smith

"Jill Prescott has the impeccable ability to create and hold space for womenʼs circles. A space where each person is held in trust while truth is explored and expressed." - Jennifer Gray

The Circle of Truth Retreat will be held on the traditional lands of the Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) and Shíshálh (Sechelt) in what is now known as the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. I give thanks to the First Nations caretakers that have held this land in love.