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It is time to come back to each other and ourselves. It's time to remember why community matters and how to do this newly. Things have changed and there is no going back, so face forward and jump in. We can and will do this together!

Perhaps you’re now home with the little ones 24/7, homeschooling. Or you find yourself cooking all the meals. Or scrambling to figure out how to be in the same space with a partner for far too long. The reality is, it’s all exhausting.

Your nervous system is taking hit after hit, leaving you with that burnt out feeling. It might look like over eating, not sleeping well, bouts of anger or sadness, lethargy and any other number of things.

So what is there to be done about all of it?

Run away!

Oh right, we can’t. What you can do is...

lay it all down for a short while

I created THE CIRCLE out of seeing the shifts that occur when I lead a gathering of souls. My ability to tap into the collective consciousness and allow myself to open to channelled guidance makes me a powerful leader of these events.

My commitment to you is to show up with deep presence, integrity and truth. To share the wisdom that arises both from years of my personal experience and with clients as well as the interstellar guides. You will experience grounded, actionable teachings laced through with intuitive mysteries.

we are in the middle of an evolution

rest. restore. rise!

what to expect

We will come together via Zoom for two hours. There will be an introduction to the event and each participant. I will then open the circle.

Next, I will lead you in a channelled meditation followed by a short break during which you may want to make notes about your experience. There will then be an opportunity to ask question and share. During this time, I will offer guidance both intuitively and from my own extensive experience.

We will close The Circle with a prayer of gratitude and respect for the support and love received.


Jill has a beautiful gift of creating a space of unconditional love in community. My spiritual gifts and intuition have been strengthened and I feel inspired and empowered to go out and make more of an impact with my own work.  I'm also in awe of how Jill does all of her work with her heart on her sleeve - completely open and transparent for the purpose of humanity.  She's a beacon. - Danielle Hahn

Jill is real and raw. She has been a continuous space of safety and support. The leadership Jill brings is one that I want to emulate and teach in my role as a coach and healer. I am forever grateful to be in the same room with her, online or in person. - Keri-Anne Livingston

Jill Prescott has the impeccable ability to create and hold space for women’s circles.  A space where each person is held in trust while truth is explored and expressed.  The journey is both collective, individual and personal in a supportive and nurturing container.  I emerged in the knowingness I am aligned and fulfilled. Thank you for your presence, Jill. - Jennifer Gray


-How much does this cost?

Your investment is $31.50 inc tax

-Do I have to have meditated before? What if I'm not good at it? 

You do not have to have meditated in the past or even feel as if you know how. I will be leading you and all there is for you to do is listen.

-Will there be a recording if I can't show up? 

Due to the nature of this work, I do not share recordings with anyone not at the event live.

-What is your refund policy?

My policy is that I do not give refunds. You are, however, welcome to pass your ticket on to someone else. You'll need to reach out to me directly to make this happen.

-I see you have a few dates listed. Is it a good idea to attend more than one? 

Absolutely! Attend as often as you can as this work is evolutionary. You will receive new information, expansion and a different experience each time.

-What dates are currently available?

  • Wednesday, June 24th @ 7:00 PM PST
  • Friday, July 10th @ 7:00 PM PST
  • WATCH FOR UPCOMING DATES or contact to host!


Jill Prescott has worked with hundreds of people since she began this journey as a Spiritual BadAss in 2012, helping them tell the truth about what’s really gone on in their lives so they can find freedom.

Jill uses the various modalities she’s studied such as Clinical Hypnotherapy, HR Processing, Energy Healing, and  Leadership/Communication courses.

She’s is also a highly skilled intuitive and channel living on the west coast of Canada. Her 20 years as a Business Manager in the auto industry gave Jill the ability to work with many different situations and personalities with compassion and strength.

Her departure from this career came on the heels of a medical challenge that made it clear it was time to deal with the trauma she had experienced in childhood, leading her down a path of spiritual exploration and healing.

When she began the winding road back to herself and what she calls her reclaimation, she came across a wisdom speaker who reminded her that God, the Angels and Prayer existed long before man made up religion. This opened the door for the work she does today.

Jill believes that when people remember their true selves on the other side of the struggle, they become unstoppable forces of love in the world. We need that. PS: We also need really good chocolate.

what to do next:

Ready to choose a date? Or several? Fantastic! Simply click the link below and complete your registration. You will be able to register for one or more at the same time. Please be sure you have selected your time zone.

Put the date and time in your calendar as a non-negotiable! A funny thing happens sometimes when we register for something that has the potential to change us. We FTFO. (Freak the fuck out.) It's normal and the way to combat is to simply show up, no matter what that freaking out part of your mind is telling you.

If you have questions before you register, don't hesitate to reach out to me via email here:

A few notes to keep in mind:

Remember, it's not that serious! I believe that laughter, playfulness and curse words are just as much the language of transformation as shadow work and energy healing.

Lastly, show up just as you are. If you're grieving everything that's going on or looking to simply be in the presence of other awesome humans or anything in between, know you are welcome. It is my honour to lead The Circle.