What would happen if you took back all of the power you’ve given away over the years?

I bet it would leave you in AWE of yourself.

I speak with so many women who have so much to offer, but what stands in their way is a whole lot of bullshit they’ve heard over their lives that has become “the truth” for them, taking away their power and agency to create lives they truly love.


  • It’s the voice in your head telling you to stay quiet and small and out of the way (so you’ll be safe).
  • It’s the voices of the people who told you that you’re not smart enough, you’re not beautiful enough, you’re lazy, or “you’d be so much more lovable if you were just...” a bit different.
  • It’s the voice of generations who absorbed systemic racism, sexism, abuse, cultural norms and ideals.
    And there is literally a part of the brain that does NOT want you to change a damn thing — and it’s loud.

These voices can drown out the truth for years. But that doesn’t mean the truth goes away. I created The TRUTH Method to silence those voices once and for all, and help you to find what is true for you.

Hi, I’m Jill Prescott, and when I realized my life was fucked up, I tried everything to fix myself.

I could start a small library with the books I’ve read and take a world tour with the money I spent on do-it-yourself mini-courses. One time I even spent $456 on crystals, thinking that if I put them all over my house, things would be better (it didn’t work, in case you’re wondering). 

Nothing worked until I was willing to get real about the baggage I was carrying and stop trying to put bandaids over brokenness. 

For me, it took a lifetime of bad relationships and a serious health scare to hit my breaking point and find the courage to face myself. But maybe it looks different for you.


Maybe you're done with...

  • Eating cookies and drinking wine while binging Netflix to numb out
  • Working 60-hour weeks and running marathons on the weekend, keeping yourself too busy to think or feel
  • Over scheduling and overcommitting straight into burnout trying to help everyone but yourself
  • Faking it in bed, because you always put your partner’s needs above your own (so they’ll stick around)
  • Getting blindsided by triggers from past traumas, even after you’ve been through therapy
  • Constantly questioning the purpose of your life, feeling lost, confused, angry, ashamed, hurt and back again (I was in that cycle for a long time too)
  • The same shit-show dynamics cropping up in your life on repeat.

This is what our lives are like when we try to hide from, or aren’t aware of, our truths.

We keep trying to fool ourselves, and every time, it brings us to our knees.

We lie to ourselves about what we want, why we do what we do, and why we’re with our friends, partners, or companies. We try to soften stories around the pain we’ve experienced and how it’s changed us. We try to white-lie ourselves around offending people, or even avoid standing out or standing up for ourselves.

So much of our lives is built on lies, half-truths and other people’s stories. And it causes so much pain, along with the sense that we’re missing something vital...

because we are.

We’re missing Truth.


Truth is your path to a love-filled, liberated life — it’s not easy, but living without it is so much harder

The Truth is…

Taking back your power starts when you tell the truth to yourself and others, even when it’s hard.  We hide from the truth. We distract ourselves from the truth. Often, we have a really hard time even recognizing what is true and what is false. And those lies and false narratives keep you stuck.

You’re here to finally face what your body knows and what your soul understands.

The Truth is…

You are ultimately responsible for yourself and your life. This is where true empowerment and autonomy begins and victimhood ends. When you take responsibility for your actions, decisions, and reactions, you begin to free yourself from ruminating and blaming other people. No, there is nothing you can do about your past experiences or anyone else’s behaviors, but you have total power over your current experience.

You’re here to claim that power.

The Truth is…

There are traumas, beliefs and thought patterns that hold you hostage. When you shed light onto the experiences that created the wounds you live with and tend those wounds with compassion, they will heal. And you can wear your scars with pride.

You’re here to free yourself.

The Truth is…

You can take back your story. You will have the strength to take back your story, or write a new one when you remove the heavy coat of obligation, suffering and blame, and invite your Guides and Healed Elders to help you.

You are here to create change. 

The truth is…

The burdens that feel so heavy may not be yours to carry, and are never yours to carry alone. You can give those burdens back to their rightful owners. And for the rest, you take what is beyond human capacity to carry and lay it at the feet of the Divine.

You are here to know that you are held.

I developed the TRUTH Method to help you strip away the fibs and stories that keep you stuck in the same patterns, so you can find your own truths to guide you into a life of integrity, where every choice feels good, because it’s right and true for you.

Truth as your North Star affects every area of your life. 

What is the truth behind why you over-eat, overspend, over-commit, or over-give?

What is the truth of why you try so hard to make wrong-fit relationships work?

What is the truth of what you really need to feel loved and whole?

What do you truly not need or want in your life?

What is the truth of who you really are behind that false bravado?

These are terrifying questions to answer, because once you answer them, they demand real and lasting change.

That’s what we’re doing here.

The TRUTH Method: A 3-month journey taught through video, self-study and live group coaching to give you support and guidance to use your truths to create a life you truly love.

Community, Connection and Wisdom are what make this group program so fucking powerful. And your brand of wisdom is why I want you to join us.

What to expect

  • Twelve live 60-90-minute group Wisdom calls over 3 months
  • A deep dive into The TRUTH Method modules
  • 2 Private 45-minute breakthrough calls with me
  • Access to self-supporting tools in the learning center
  • A sacredly held inclusive community with clear boundaries
  • CELEBRATIONS!! Including dance parties

Group calls begin with a presence and grounding visualization. During our time together, we’ll explore how the module we’re working on had a direct impact on your life, the steps to take to integrate the power of each module, and time to get your deeper questions answered. These calls are truly a convergence of wise women supporting and empowering each other.

Throughout this 3 month journey, you’ll have opportunities for live coaching in our group calls. The beauty in this is the person receiving the one-on-one help becomes a catalyst for others. Believe me when I say: You are not alone in why you’re here. In my experience, women in my groups build strong friendships that last long after the initial reason for gathering.

I am a fierce warrior for love with an ability to hold space like nobody’s business. This makes my spaces safe, loving, and clear.

Celebration and dance parties are highly encouraged! If we don’t pause to honour how far we’ve come, we miss out on the opportunity to learn how to receive.

What others just like you have said about this work

Jill has a beautiful gift of creating a space of unconditional love in community. My spiritual gifts and intuition have been strengthened and I feel inspired and empowered to go out and make more of an impact with my own work.  I'm also in awe of how Jill does all of her work with her heart on her sleeve - completely open and transparent for the purpose of humanity.  She's a beacon. - Danielle Hahn

Jill is real and raw. She has been a continuous space of safety and support. The leadership Jill brings is one that I want to emulate and teach in my role as a coach and healer. I am forever grateful to be in the same room with her, online or in person. - Keri-Anne Livingston

The Modules

Together, we'll move through each of these modules as you learn exactly what The TRUTH Method is and how it has worked to cause healing and expansion in so many others.

Module 1: TRUTH

It all begins here, with the TRUTH. We'll begin by taking a deeper look at where you have been hiding from the truth. Perhaps you are unable to recognize what is true and what is false. Now is the time to stop stepping over the lies and false narratives and face what your body knows and what your soul understands.


This is where true empowerment begins and victimhood ends. The moment you fully engage in your responsibility is the moment you free yourself. There is absolutely nothing you can do about any past experience. Nor can you change anyone else.

Module 3: UNCOVER

With tremendous love and care, shed light onto what experiences in your past have created the wounds you now live with. Compassion, understanding and courage will lead this journey from pain and grief to joy and purpose. Tend to your wounds so you may wear the scars with pride.

Module 4: TAKE BACK

Reclaim your truth. Until this time, the story you have lived with has been one of surviving, not thriving. A story of walking without purpose. Now, come fully into your Soul Creation. Remove the heavy coat of obligation, suffering and blame. Allow your Guides and Healed Elders to find you.

You are worthy. You are loved. You are whole.

Module 5: HAND OVER

For too long it has been taught that strength means you do everything yourself, carry it all. This lie has been told for generations, keeping us separate and yearning to belong.

Begin by handing back the shame, the guilt and the burden of carrying someone else’s secrets. You are meant to be free and you have the keys to make that happen.

Then, lay down that which is meant to be carried by the Divine. Hand over all that is beyond our human capacity. Lay it at the feet of the Divine and know you are held. Know you are honoured. Know you are seen. Know you are loved.


This module is exactly as it sounds. Yes, we will celebrate as we go, and a big ol' group party is always a good idea. 🎉

Registration and cost:

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The cost is $4000 and payment plans are available.

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