the guide to your love filled, liberated life

You are an amazing human being, concerned with how we will ALL get to the end of this ride called life with our sanity, integrity and souls intact. No matter what you are currently up against, The TRUTH Method will be your power-filled guide. 

Any of these feel familiar?

  • Your relationships are hard  and you are ready for some peace and ease.
  • Money issues are causing you to live way too often in shame and lack.
  • You have been seeking your purpose for almost as long as that jar of pickles has been in the back of your fridge.
  • There is an ache in your heart that just doesn't go away, leaving you feeling lonely and disconnected.
  • Somehow, the same shit-show keeps coming back around on repeat, leaving you disempowered and stuck.

Whatever it is you are up against, I can promise you, you are not alone. Others have come face to face with the same thing that is currently bringing you to your knees. They found a way. I found a way. You WILL find a way. The TRUTH Method is a proven way.

You belong here

When I realized that telling the truth would actually change my life, I gave it the side-eye, hard. Because a part of me knew  I was in for a ride that would have me face myself at a whole other level. No longer could I look myself in the mirror and honestly say I was living a life I loved.

Once I had done a shit-tonne of my own work it became clear to me that others would benefit if I began to share it. I did that in a multitude of ways, some more effectively than others. And then it hit me:

The TRUTH Method is a technology that makes change possible

This is the culmination of my work. My big 'WHY'. The foundation to my everything and you are invited to share it with me!

I have never been so excited about a program, offering or path that I have created as I am about this. I truly believe there isn't a single issue in your life that wouldn't benefit from bringing it to this body of work.

we're gonna have so much fun!

and probably you'll cry

what it's all about

You, me and a few other humans will gather for a FREE 90 minute workshop where I will walk you through The TRUTH Method.

Show up with one thing you'd like to work on. I know, I know...we all have a couple bags of bullshit we'd like to empty, but trust me on this; if you focus on one area the rest will begin to straighten out as well.

Patience, Dear One. You will get there and I would like that to happen in a way that has you yelling "I AM A BADASS!!" rather than leaving you in a puddle on the floor.

Now more than ever, your particular brand of truth is much needed. This interactive teaching will clear the way for a more self-aware and grounded you to help more of the people seeking your brilliance.


Let's take a quick peek at what our time together will look like. 

Before you arrive in the online workshop, you'll have received a downloadable PDF. Use this to help you get clear on what area of your life you want to cause a shift in. Do this. It'll be important. 

Together, we'll move through each module as you learn exactly what The TRUTH Method is and how it has worked to cause healing and expansion in so many others. 


It all begins here, with the TRUTH. We'll begin by taking a deeper look at where you have been hiding from the truth. Perhaps you are unable to recognize what is true and what is false. Now is the time to stop stepping over the lies and false narratives and face what your body knows and what your soul understands.


This is where true empowerment begins and victimhood ends. The moment you fully engage in your responsibility is the moment you free yourself. There is absolutely nothing you can do about any past experience. Nor can you change anyone else.


With tremendous love and care, shed light onto what experiences in your past have created the wounds you now live with. Compassion, understanding and courage will lead this journey from pain and grief to joy and purpose. Tend to your wounds so you may wear the scars with pride.


Reclaim your truth. Until this time, the story you have lived with has been one of surviving, not thriving. A story of walking without purpose. Now, come fully into your Soul Creation. Remove the heavy coat of obligation, suffering and blame. Allow your Guides and Healed Elders to find you.

You are worthy. You are loved. You are whole.


Today, lay down that which is meant to be carried by the Source of Love. For too long it has been taught that strength means you do everything yourself, carry it all. This lie has been told for generations, keeping us separate and yearning to belong. Hand over to Creator all that is beyond our human capacity. Lay it at the feet of the Divine and know you are held.



Jill has a beautiful gift of creating a space of unconditional love in community. My spiritual gifts and intuition have been strengthened and I feel inspired and empowered to go out and make more of an impact with my own work.  I'm also in awe of how Jill does all of her work with her heart on her sleeve - completely open and transparent for the purpose of humanity.  She's a beacon. - Danielle Hahn

Jill is real and raw. She has been a continuous space of safety and support. The leadership Jill brings is one that I want to emulate and teach in my role as a coach and healer. I am forever grateful to be in the same room with her, online or in person. - Keri-Anne Livingston

As a little girl I felt so powerful and my dreams were big. As the years went by layers of doubt, worry and fear began to form. I was going through the motions, doing what I was ‘supposed’ to do. I had lost my joy. Since working with Jill, I wake up grateful every day. I am constantly creating and know with every bit of my heart and soul that I am love and I am free! To whoever is reading this please, please please choose this for yourself! - Natasha Martynes

From the moment I met Jill I felt a deep connection to her and couldn't wait to begin. I had no idea she would assist in changing my reality forever. Through a simple suggestion to shift perspective I was able to work through and release 12 years worth of Anger, Pain & Fear. I have gotten more than I could have ever hoped and worth every penny. I am truly grateful to Jill. I am forever a changed heart, open, light and free! - Stephanie Kennedy

let's not fuck around

I'm going to ask you to dive in with me. Playing on the surface has never been my style and quite frankly it rarely begets powerful results. So let's go all in for 90 minutes, good?

Come prepared to listen deeply, reflect with courage and remain present with me and the other brave hearts in the room. Well, virtual room but by now we've all figured out that's possible, right?

What I know is if you show up ready to do the work you will get results. And it'll happen in ways that have been described as magical. I'm totally down for magical.


  1. 90 Minute Live Zoom call with me, Jill Prescott, your favorite Spiritual BadAss.
  2. A PDF guide to get the pre-work DONE so that you get the absolute most from our time together.
  3. All my love and attention.
  4. A clear understanding of The TRUTH Method and how it can cause more clarity, freedom and expansion in your life.


Jill Prescott has worked with hundreds of women since she began this journey as a Spiritual BadAss in 2012, helping them tell the truth about what’s really gone on in their lives so they can find freedom.

Jill uses the various modalities she’s studied such as Clinical Hypnotherapy, HR Processing, Energy Healing, and  Leadership/Communication courses.

She’s is also a highly skilled intuitive and channel living on the west coast of Canada. The TRUTH Method is the culmination of her life's work, grounded in the practical living of life and held up by the Great Mystery.

Her departure from a 20 year career in the automotive industry came on the heels of a medical challenge. It was clearly time to deal with the trauma she had experienced in childhood, leading her down a path of spiritual exploration and healing.

When she began the winding road back to herself and what she calls her reclaimation, she came across a wisdom speaker. They reminded her that God, the Angels and Prayer existed long before man made up religion. This opened the door for the work she does today.

Jill believes that when people remember their true selves on the other side of the struggle, they become unstoppable forces of love in the world. We need that.

PS: We also need really good chocolate.

Registration and cost:

This workshop is FREE!! All there is to do is sign up with the information requested, watch your inbox (it should be quick) for the confirmation email, click the button and you're in!

You'll receive the link for our time together upon registration. Please put the time, date in your calendar. Details on how to get on the call will be sent well in advance and a few time.


There will not be a play-back available to anyone that isn't there for our 90 minute workshop.


Date: Tuesday, January 19th

time: 12:00 PM PST

location: online via zoom

A few notes to keep in mind:

On the call, I'll be asking you to write things down. Have paper and pen with you. 

Tea or water is encouraged, as well as an item that will help you feel grounded and centered. I like a candle and chocolate. Always chocolate.

This is not therapy nor is it social justice work. It may support those things but it is not those things. If you would like referrals for that they are available. 

Got a question? Drop me an email here: [email protected]