Meditation & Healing Circle

Healing Circle:

An opportunity to come into communion with a group of like-minded individuals to express, honour and hold presence for healing, expansion and evolution.

Guided Meditation:

Coming to a place of inner stillness in order to access our natural wisdom through the use of breath, language and sound.

On July 4th, we will gather as a group of women to move through a meditation and conversation around Relating.

For so many, the paradigm we've been raised in has been one of separation; everyone for themselves, women can't be trusted, watch your back. That has left us disillusioned, with broken relationships and a deep yearning for connection. We as women have felt this deeply as an inherited wound. Now is the time to heal that wound and come together for the next phase of humanity. A phase led by compassion, inclusion and our inherent gift of knowing.

Whether you have already formed deep and satisfying relationships in one or many areas of your life or are simply wondering if that is even a real thing, this event will open you to new possibilities. Come as you are, where you are. This is an invitation to arrive with an open heart and mind and a curiosity about what might get created while we spend time together.

A few logistics:
1. - The cost is $42 via PayPal (PayPal.Me/JillSprititualBadass) or E-Transfer to
2. - We intend to hold this event outside so please dress in layers.
3. - Bring a container for tea/water.
4. - Chocolate will be provided (of course.)
5. - Invite your friends
6. - Plan to stay to watch the fireworks as we have a terrific view!

Feel free to ask any questions you may have of either myself or TJ and we look forward to sharing space with you!

I love,