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The Circle of Truth Retreat

You’ve already done the work. The conversations about personal responsibility, self-love, the power of language are not new to you and you understand how they impact your life.

In your family, you're considered the deal-breaker. You've been called the black-sheep, pain-in-the-ass, trouble maker. When you try to talk about what you've learned, eyes glaze over and the subject is changed.

The idea of being in a room with other women that actually get you, like really get where you're coming from, seems almost too good to be true, yet it makes your heart beat faster at the thought of it.

Your life is busy, full, fantastic and sometimes challenging. And you are good with that.

You have a spiritual belief system in place and even if you can’t describe it, it’s YOURS. You’re totally down with all the intuitive stuff and talk about God and hugging trees is not an issue for you. You appreciate a well-timed f-bomb and people who tell it like it is.

You’re really, really good at giving. You do it all day, every day at home, work, with friends and definitely with your family.

You’re also desiring an opportunity to practice receiving, big time.