Your Human Experience:
7 Months of Exploration

Here's what I know; many people, myself included, are aching for a community that expands our consciousness, isn't afraid of vulnerable conversation and wants to be in a state of learning.

Many times, I have heard

  • I feel so alone.
  • I don't know what to do next.
  • What am I doing here in this life? What is my purpose?
  • How do I stop the noise in my head?
  • What does it even mean to have a spiritual life?
  • Navigating relationships is hard.
  • I want to explore more about intuition and spirituality but I don't know where to start.
  • I'm not happy with how my body looks/feels. Ok, let's be honest: what I actually hear is 'I hate my body.'

In the times we live, anxiety and overwhelm are common. As is isolation and despair. So many are lost and this must shift, for all of us.

I am here to lead the conversations that move us forward and I am here to be the one that tells you it's time. Now is the time.

You are capable of not just surviving but so so so much more.

Joy is here for you.

Love is here for you.

Connection is here for you.

Over the years, I've learned much about life and the navigation of it, both in our humanity and our spirituality. In everything I offer, there is a commitment to your personal evolution. And I have an ability to hold space that is deep and wide, making it safe to simply be. This is an invitation to go on an 7-month ride with me and others that will turn your world around.

Here are some of the topics we’ll explore:

  • Intuition as your Life Compass
  • Navigating Relationships-Difficult and Otherwise
  • Let’s Discuss Chakras (All about your energy.)
  • Your Delicious Body
  • Boundaries Baby!
  • Purpose Expressed
  • Changing your Inner Critic to your Greatest Supporter
  • Forgiveness as a path to Freedom
  • …and a whole lot more.

You can expect some pretty amazing stuff to come out of our time together, including:

  • Increased occurrences of Joy (Less stress, more flow.)
  • More peace (The noise in your head sloooowwwsss waaayyy down.)
  • Discovering your true expression of your purpose in this life
  • Connect ALL the dots (Sort out how it all goes together to create your life.)
  • Learn to lighten the fuck up! (one of my favourites, obviously.)
  • Exploring Inner and Outer space (The experience of being human AND a soul incarnate.)

Finding topics for this program has been easy. About 50 topics showed up the night this came together and now my work is to bring it all into our 7 months together. I want you to have it all and I will do my best to give you something even better: what you truly need.

Of course, the results you get are up to you. I won’t be holding anyone’s hand so it’s a matter of diving in and sucking the life outta this. I will be highly involved in the FB group with weekly lives, responding to questions and opening deeper dialogue. How much you participate is up to you; just don't expect massive shifts if you sit on your hands. And even though I say I won't hold your hand, you can bet I will kick some proverbial ass if you disappear. Because in the beginning, I will likely want your evolution more than you do.

What’s Included:

Level One

  • Monthly virtual group Zoom call exploring that month’s topic in detail. Our first call will be Saturday, October 6th at 10:00 AM. From there, each month will be a different time/day so that as many as possible can show up Live as often as possible.  Each call is recorded, and if you can not attend the Virtual call Live, you can listen to the MP3 or watch the video that will be posted the following day.
  • Secret FB group.
  • New meditation posted monthly based on the topic.
  • Weekly Live in FB group.
  • Monthly action steps.
  • New one-on-one friend every 3 weeks. (I think. We'll see what works best.)

$777 Upfront

Level Two

All of the Level One perks plus:

  • 22 Minute monthly private Intervention Call to stop the noise, gain clarity and re-direct. Just you and me, on a video call breaking it down, breaking down, breaking through. You want this.
  • One-year Daily Journal with a single oracle card and reading mailed to you!
  • Monthly 2 card email reading.

(Note: Level Two is the best bang-for-your-buck)

$1444 Upfront


I want to make sure that any woman that wants to participate can. That means that if you can pay the full price, you will. If you can't, you'll pay what you can and if you are financially abundant you can sponsor someone else.

I believe this world has more than enough for everyone and if we come together we create magic. This program will do that; the magic part I mean. In a community, with love.

Reach out today and we will work out the details together. There are separate registration links for this option so email me at

If you've read this far, you're interested. Listen to that and book a conversation with me now. Or simply register.

Right now before all that old fear kicks in and takes you out.